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Eye Exams

Book Appointment with us and get full eye check-up by our Experienced Professionals

Eye Glasses

Looking For a New Pair of glasses Visit our Store Where we have Wide range of frames and lenses

Contact Lens

Contact lenses are an extremely popular choice for those who don’t wish to wear glasses every day

Eye Exams

Lensfra Optical provide Complete eye exams by Experienced Optometrist which are an essential part of making sure your eyes are healthy. Whether you wear glasses or don’t it’s still recommended to have an eye exam to eliminate potential risks in the future. We use the latest computerized equipment for accurate vision test results.

Eye Glasses

At Lensfra Optical, we proudly offer Zeiss lenses, renowned for their German precision and optical excellence. With over a century of German innovation, Zeiss lenses provide unmatched visual clarity and product durability. Our unwavering commitment to our patients ensures the delivery of bespoke Zeiss lenses, promising exceptionally detailed vision that perfectly aligns with your individual needs and lifestyle. Choose Zeiss at Lensfra Optical and experience optical quality that remains unrivaled.

Contact Lenses

At Lensfra Optical we carry many brands of contact lenses. If you have never worn contact lenses, visit us for a trial fitting and give contact lenses a try. With the latest technology most patients now have the convenience to wear contact lenses all day without any discomfort.